IT Service Professionals is founded on the ideal that in a constantly changing world of technology, we want to do our part in educating, supporting and implementing solutions for your business. We want to be a pillar on which you can build your infrastructure. We provide a number of services that will not only add value to your business but we hope will serve as a foundation for your business as well.

We established our company back in 2013 after identifying a need and a niche in our industry. My wife and I have collectively accumulated over 20 years of Hospitality & Technology experience and wanted to create a company that can help our clients get to know their technological world better. Within a few years we asked my brother, a level IV system admin to join the dream and help us grow. We wanted to create a company where you can call, text, or email us and feel like you have reached an old friend who has an extensive amount of knowledge in how to further your technological infrastructure. Although we will not claim to have all the answers, we have many resources to find answers. We have surrounded ourselves with the brightest minds in the industry and we continue to utilize our resources and energy identifying current technological advances so we can better serve our clients.

We make ourselves available to our clients 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. We are a Christian based company and have limited hours on Sunday so we can celebrate our faith and commitment to God with fellowship at Victory Orlando Church. We will evaluate service on Sunday's on a case-by-case basis.