If your company is certified or becoming certified in R2RIOS, NIST, ADISA, e-Stewards or NAID AAA you are in luck. We can be your trusted Third Party Vendor to validate your data destruction or sanitation process. We want to help your business. We are a NAID approved third party vendor to validate your devices for sanitation or destruction. Whether you process one hard drive or one million drives, most industry standards require that you work with a third party vendor to validate your service. We keep up with the latest training on R2, NIST, e-Stewards, and NAID AAA certification standards to help you get certified.

Our commitment is to your success. We take great pride in providing you quality service by using the most effective procedures to validate that your material is properly erased, sanitized and/or destroyed. We Offer minimal handling time so that your material will return to you in a timely manner. We have an R2 Trained Consultant on staff which ensures our clients know that we are committed to a higher level of data security standards. We are also on the approved NAID Vendor list so you can be assured that we are a trusted third party company.  


  • Compact Flash 1

  • Compact Flash 2

  • CD's

  • DVD's

  • Microdrives

  • Tablets

  • iPhones

  • iPad's

  • Cell Phones