We understand how time consuming it can be to call your POS Provider for immediate support. We can help you identify your issues and in almost all cases resolve them for you. In the cases where we cannot, we will work as the liaison to the POS company to get the issue resolved in a timely manner. So you can run your business. Let us take this problem off your plate.

Menu Programming

We are proficient in Micros and Pinnacle menu programming. If you are about to change your menu, call us first to assist. Where the provider can charge you up to $150/hour for programming, we do it for 1/3 of this.

Timely Crash Site Support

We understand the detrimental effects that a crashed site can be on business. We don’t want your guests, clients, or business to lose on revenue, time, or service because your system is down. We make you the priority to get you up and running so you can continue serving your clients.

Networking Support

One of the main reasons why your establishment may experience a crash is due to networking issues. We are well versed in troubleshooting this issue and will get you guide you back to fully functioning in no time!

On-site & Remote Capabilities

Sometimes the problems are minor and we can give you the tools to do it yourself or log in and assist remotely. With your permission we can log in and help you fix the issue. For short support calls, we may not even bill you. We want you to feel like you can call for anything!

Credit Card Solutions

We are proud to announce our partnership with TSYS Credit Card Processors. Since making the switch to TSYS, we have been able to significantly reduce credit card processing fees for ourselves as well as our clients. We will get you in touch with our representative and help you with the switch, with no charge. Ask us how!